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By accident, trigger-happy Johnny Eduardo and tech-savvy Russell Jyrr came across the universe of video game worlds where they remain as a profit making job taking duo known as Merc & Tech ! Merc & Tech is a sprite comic which has been under the works since late 2003. The series has gone through its ups and downs and after the last big down in mid to late 00s and having a few year hiatus, Merc&Tech was rebooted entirely by the end of 2010 and presented here, at smackjeeves. Merc & Tech is a story of a group of friends who stumble into a world where they get stuck and have to manage in the familiar and-yet-not-so-familiar surroundings and culture. The world, called Vyydia is connected with a Multiverse of many other worlds and planets and dimensions, not to mention, a handful of alternate Earths, some being in different era in history. The Nexus connects these worlds and there fore a large city has been constructed around it where people from all across the multiverse meet and mingle.

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Happy Easter 2018
Happy Easter 2018

May 27th, 2017, 1:42 am

So where is it ?

shame on me shame on me shame on me.
I know, I know. I spend the whole 2016 to refine Merc & Tech into its current look. I decided a permanent solution to sprite mixing. Sprites need to share a black or dark outline before they can be used side by side. It was utterly time consuming, especially when outlining Donkey Kong Country sprites, but the results were satisfying. Anycase, I kind of dropped making Merc & Tech 7 back then and promised to finish it once I finshed upgrading the previous comics. I did carry on for a while on M&T#7 BUT I find myself not have added anymore to the said comic. WHY WHY WHY?!?!
Well, my personal life has led me into a house owner. Which means aside for working, being a dad for two, dog owner, gamer, comic reader and everything else, I have found myself awfully less time for creativity. I have even wasted a whole month of money on WoW and not even played it :/
This is serious!

Everybody who doesen't know, go fan my other works.
Heroes of Vyydia :
Relic Hunter Magix :
Trodidox Team-Up :

Regardless, now I have found myself with some time and I decided to wrap up Trodidox Team-Up while I try concurrently do Merc & Tech 7 and even MAGIX THE M&"#"¤"¤NG RELIC HUNTER!! Yeah, I know, that is a comic wayyyy over due. But I think, THINK, (once again) I have the plot done in my head.
Regarding heroes of Vyydia, there's gonna be lot of heroes coming up. Brotherhood of Kone (The guys who modified Vasara the Hammer Bro.) and I've also thinking of having a group of Shy-Guys paroding famous comicbook heroes, and a bunch of others like Captain Crin of Hyrule, a grim reaper from Kid Icarus, a half-machine guy from Mega Man universe, and a secret agency station at Vyydia City led by a Big Boss clone.

Now that Smackjeeves has been upgraded so that I can't see who fans or reads my work. I implore you to make yourself KNOWN TO ME! Comment my comics, drop me a PM, ANYTHING! (you get 5$ :P and I will love you non-homosexually :3)
And even if you feel you would have nothing else but to comment criticism but are worried that you might hurt my feelings, don't worry. I'm 30y old family dad who regards hate/hurt speech as jokes and there are million time worse than words out there in the world. I would be MOST INTERESTED in the world to know what you guys think or how you guys think I should improve my comics.
Trodiox Team-up is open for co-authors, just to let you know.
Anyway, I shall finish up TTU number 1 as soon as possible.
~cheers !

September 27th, 2015, 6:01 am



Chapter 0 and Chapter 1 has been updated.
Johnny Eduardo's and Dr. Marie's sprites has been updated too on those two particular comics. Next I'll go with Pizza-Enrique and then Tech, he has changed more than the others...

September 12th, 2015, 2:32 pm

New Prequel/Chapter 0!

Finished with a new over hauled Prequel or Chapter 0 for Merc & Tech. YAY!

November 14th, 2013, 6:30 pm

First story Arc done!

Thats right!
The six first chapters were the first Story-arc.
Next story arc will be heavy mobster stuff and there's gonna be some xxx-scenes.... maybe ;)

July 20th, 2012, 1:23 am


arlight. Once again Im back into this thing. I've been out of work over a month now, I got a terrible toothache and will hit the dentist within an hour and I finally got my electric cigarette, yay!

Merc&Tech 5 is now underway so help yourselves for it.


June 26th, 2011, 11:03 am

IM BACK ! ! !

Alrighttt. Im back from Eurotrip. And I feel way better than ever before.
I even picked up some German and Italian, awsome.

Now that Im back, Im thinking of drawing a cover for every chapter in a manga style. I also scripted up a Prologue for a brand new comic Im thinking of putting up soon and the flashback sequences for Shell Bangers but I still need to scetch up a bit more. Once done with Shell Bangers, Heroes of Vyydia will carry out with such titles as Bonesson the Lively Skeleton feauturing Castlevania enemies and Brotherhood of Kone which will feature Megaman baddies. Stay da friggin tuned on my projects if this is suits any of your intrests. k thx bb!

Those with Facebooks, join here to get news more frequently.!/pages/Trodidox-Community/174478282600686

January 31st, 2011, 2:19 am

Chp2 finished ! !

Chapter 2 is done ! !

Which means, I'm right on to Chapter 3 then ^^
All I can tell you about it is that DK-fans are gonna feel the nostalgia... and I don't mean DKC but way before that..... the ORIGINAL DONKEY KONG!


December 18th, 2010, 1:36 am

Chapter 2 is on its way !

Alright, as some of you have noticed, chapter 2 is on its way smoothly, and I'm satisfied.

This morning I had an idea if Id start another series of my old crappy classics to show how bad I did stuff almost ten years ago xD xD.
Lolz, but I still feel its too early to post any of my shameful classics :P

In anycase, I try to finish chapter 2 before xmas right before I give my xmas greetings.
Until next time, ta~


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