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Johnny Eduardo


Johnny Eduardo is a self-entitled Soldier of Fortune, who works for crime lords and mafia families in the underworld of the streets. He grew up with his friend, Russell, in the countryside and took off to the Marines after graduating High School. After surviving a deadly ambush in the Middle East, Eduardo was discharged from the Marines for psychological reasons and went to travel the world. Throughout the world he worked and fought against for profit for various drug lords, crime organizations and freedom fighters. He eventually was recruited by the Scarlotti Mob and returned back home to work in the big city.

After working for a while in the city, he met his childhood friend, Russell, who has recently graduated from an engineering college with a PhD. He has been working for a large software corporation and was undergoing a project to create a super computer which projects holograms and emulates virtual reality, going by the name of TRODIDOX. Just when Russell was testing this new computer, Eduardo got into bad blood with the Scarlottis and was marked for dead. Eduardo busts into the room, where the test took place, to warn his friends about the impending danger of the mob, at the very moment he, Tech, Tech's MD girlfriend Marie and some random pizza delivery named Pizza-Enrique, got sucked in a strange wormhole which transported them to world of Vyydia.

After the initial shock, they realize this world is not that entirely different from theirs, they manage to find a place to live in an abandoned cable factory. Eduardo continued his line of work by doing illegal jobs for profit and later forms a partnership with Russell and form the duo Merc & Tech. Eventually Scarlotti Mob found their way into Vyydia and captured the duo from which Eduardo escaped severly wounded.

Russell Jyrr


Russell Jyrr, a brilliant engineer in various fields with a talent to design, create and improve weapons and gadgets and is a remarkable computer expert.

He grew up with his friend, Johnny Eduardo, at the countryside, but left for college of engineering in hopes to become a famous inventor and designer. During his years of studying, he met Marie Hunter, a med student aspiring to become a doctor, and no sooner were they dating.

After graduating, they got an apartment in the city and Russ got a job from a local large software company. Russ decided to create a super computer named TRODIDOX, which would be able to project holograms and emulate the surroundings with virtual reality. He also met his old friend Johnny Eduardo who had recently returned from Middle East where he was stationed while serving in the marines. Eduardo admitted that he works as a hired gun for a local mob, which made Russ feel exited for and deeply concerned for Johnny's life. When the time came to try out TRODIDOX, something unexpected happened when Eduardo and Enrique, a random pizza delivery, arrived on the scene only to have them, along with Russ and Marie, to vanish into the World of Vyydia.

Russ thought TRODIDOX had, for some reason, created a virtual reality but realized soon that they had in fact arrived in another world, in another universe. Now, out of work, and growing jealous of Eduardo's choice of action to carry on with his career as a hired gun, even in another world, Russ wanted to join with his childhood friend's activity and split the share. They then formed the duo Merc & Tech. Eventually Eduardo's former employers, the Scarlotti Mob, found their way into Vyydia and captured the duo from which Tech was left for dead if not for the timely intervention of Marie and Enrique.

Dr. Marie Hunter

"Pizza-Enrique" Almeida